Elvis Sleepover

I pickup Elvis this afternoon in order to get him to the vet early tomorrow for a dental cleaning and extraction. Poor kitty. He’s eight, and these are eight year old things with a cat. Being a rescue, we don’t get to know his care history.

We’ll keep him with us tomorrow evening. as he’ll be woozy from anesthesia, and get his back to mom mid-morning on Friday.

It was my intention to call mom yesterday to remind her of all this, but by the time 7:30PM rolled around (a time she’s always in her apartment) I was in a loud restaurant with my daughter. From there we moved on to see friends of ours play in the pub. I’ll call her in a few minutes.

I’m unable to guess what the chances are if she’d remembered had I called last night. Writing down reminders is no guarantee of retention. Reflecting on this last night helped me realize it was OK to have missed calling.

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