Elvis Post-Op & Drop Off

Elvis did amazingly well with his surgery. There were no surprises except he’s missing four additional teeth! We don’t get to know… He spent yesterday late afternoon and evening nibbling at canned food, and laying low.

This morning’s drop-off happened with surgical precision. Mom was at her lecture. She left me a note saying to just drop Elvis off. She remembered!! I created a checklist for her to track how many days he’s to only have canned food, and how long to give him his pain-med. So far I’ve received one voicemail from her saying she was confused about some aspect of the checklist. I’ll call her back when she’s done with dimmer.

  • When I returned home, after attending to a few things, I spent time dealing with cat litter:
    • Vacuumed the carpet surrounding the box Elvis used,
      Finished cleaning the big self-cleaning litter box we extracted from mom’s apartment almost two months ago (which is now stored under the house). It’s been languishing in the garage.
      Swapped out all the litter in our cat’s box, and tossed what was left of the bag. How we ended up with non-clumping litter is beyond me. Why it’s still on the market is a mystery!
      Washed the extra litter box and left it in the sun to dry.
      Washed my hands six times.

    It was difficult leaving Elvis at mom’s. I’m still having this existential crisis about his quality of life. My logical-side is gaining the upper hand. That’s his place and she is his person. He is a cat and does not judge if he gets fed too much or at odd hours. He has a safety net, as does mom.

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