There is unexpected time surrounding me. It’s kind of a privilege. It’s kind of scary. I’ve been stuffing 32-hours into a 24-hour day for a long time. Not all of it pleasant. This seemingly suddenly broadening in my schedule is both weird and delightful. I keep looking at my calendar, making sure I can spend the entire day in the garden… It’s true!

Both properties are stable (yet embracing that they could need attention at any moment keeps me chill), and mom is the mellowest she’s been in, well, a decade. There are the ups and downs of negotiating mom’s care costs, and for now (as mentioned previously) we’re in a holding pattern.

Today, and the last couple of weeks, I steeped in the garden like a tea bag, in ways I almost don’t remember being able to. It bears cogitating. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. Tomorrow is forecast to rain. After addressing necessities, I hope to brew in my studio in the same way as I steeped in the garden.

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