I’ve been eyeing the part-time job listings on Craigslist.org. Just seeing what that market is looking like within ten miles of our home. There have been a few interesting positions, but I am picky, and my resume, ten years after last working a ‘real job,’ will either make a hiring manager call me immediately, or toss my resume in the trash!

A week ago Friday a position for an educator for Eldergrow showed up. Eldergrow places raised indoor gardens into memory-care communities, and provides twice-monthly classes for residents.

One of the first activities mom and I did together after she moved into assisted living was attend an Eldergrow class (Eldergrow was teaching in the AL environment back then). Mom lit up, and took charge of stevia pruning, tying, and drying. While it wasn’t the same as the ten acres she was giving lip-service to, rather than actually gardening on, it was a touch-note for her, one that distance has now helped me recognize as very valuable to my mother.

The person in charge of recruiting emailed me back right away. I had a hands-on interview Tuesday (helped a seasoned educator teach a class), was ‘hired’ Wednesday (it’s a contract position), and attended my first monthly meeting yesterday! These people are part of my tribe.

The best part of all of this is… the community where I’m starting is where Jane lives! It’s gonna be just fine. She and I found commonality over gardening, and I’m looking forward to stepping back into her strata with an activity that I hope will engage her deeply.


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