I slapped the greenhouse into shape today. The big driver was a plumbing problem of unknown origin that caused water to spray down the back of the sink when one turned on the faucet.

My DH fixed the water issue, and helped me get the benches back in place. Not having been able to use the building (no water at all) for 20-months, things had gotten sloppy. No, we cannot eat off the gravel floor, but it’s amazing how a few hours can set things straight. Many spiders were evicted.

This evening I went through my seed collection. Everything I want to start in the greenhouse is in a stack. Things to plant tomorrow in our hoop-house with our grandson are identified, the rest of the seeds are categorized, and those that I can plant now in our raised beds are stacked in their own spot.

Despite having 64 packets of seeds, I need three more!

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