Mainland House Maintenance

On Monday my tenant messaged me about a leaking toilet. I was able to go over right away, and thankfully see that it’s more of a seep from where the supply hose enters the tank rather than something scary and more urgent.

Today the outfit my daughter and BF are using to fix their home (after a toilet tank spontaneously cracked, causing over 30K of damage to the house), came out to bid the toilet, and back deck.

The back deck is getting desperate, and it’s only due to the Island property having occupied my brain for so long, and the tenants here being friends, and not complaining, that I haven’t done anything about it, yet. The toilet, it turns out, it cheaper to replace than fix! This rubs my green and thrifty values the wrong way. The estimator explained there was a good possibility guts for a 32-year old toilet may not be available. I reconciled all this with: Pop a new loo in for $150 and full warranty, verses spend more money and hope for the best. Never a good decision when dealing with plumbing. If I lived out in the country, I’d take that old loo, tuck somewhere in the barnyard, and plant flowers in it.

The Estimator will have numbers for me next week.

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