My day was going swimmingly…

My Eldergrow class went well. I visited with Jane before class, who ventured from her room to have lunch in the dining room! She had several reasons she couldn’t attend class, but surprised me by coming down for lunch after class saying, “Well, you asked me to consider coming down, so here I am.” She got a big hug and kiss! I reinforced my schedule for next week before I left, with lots more love. I’m over the moon, as is the activity director.

After three errands, I decided it was time to take my car through the car wash. Bird poop is not this vehicles best accessory. One parks 30-40 feet away at a 90 degree angle from the entrance to the car wash. Just as I was about to take my position at the entrance to the wash, a truck and trailer began a u-turn right in front of me. It looked amazingly dicey, and happened so fast, yet in slow motion. The driver did not hear my horn and only stopped when his trailer was mooshed up against the left front of my car. I called 911. I wanted a police report, which did not sit well with the other party.

Long day-short, this guy caused 0ver $4200 in damage to my car. I am going through my insurance company, because that’s what I pay them for. There’s a chance I’ll lose my deductible, but likely not. I am a fierce self-advocate, spent 10-years in the insurance industry, and have ample legal support, should I need it.

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