Joining the 21st Century… Maybe

We still have a landline. For three reasons:

  1. Until recently, our alarm system depended on it. Now the alarm system works over our WiFi.
  2. When we bought the house, we had almost zero cell service. Today there are two closets where service gets dicey, even on WiFi. Fortunately I rarely fine it critical to rummage through either closet while on the phone.
  3. The landline is the only phone number my mother remembers, despite having a list of everyone’s phone numbers. The list is AWOL all the time.

If I upgrade my phone to Apple’s latest greatest device, I can port our landline number over to my cell phone. The cost analysis is sound except for one unknown piece of information… How much will our cell provider charge for the privilege having the second line on the phone? I’ll find out today. If it’s zero to reasonable, we’ll join the 21st century.

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