Jane had a knack with blooming house-plants. Like African violets or orchids people receive as gifts. You know the orchids that come into our lives in full bloom and then turn into leathery leaved plants that die on us… Jane’s touch kept those orchids reblooming for years. She also had a Hoya. When it was in bloom, her sun room smelled amazing. It was a sweet, but not too sweet, scent that came up as the room got warmer.

When Jane moved to care, I adopted the Hoya. It lives at the head of our bathtub, standing a solid 4.5′ tall. Our bathroom is one of two rooms in the house that houseplants adore, having an eastern exposure.

About two weeks ago I walked onto our bedroom, smelled the familiar sweetness of the Hoya, and smiled. I’m SO happy the Hoya, after being transported in a moving van in the winter, graced us with three sets of blooms.

I want to propagate this plant. Pass it around to folks who’d like to enjoy its magic.

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