Mainland House Projects – Update

Finally, I have some traction regarding the projects at mom’s Mainland house. There have been distractions such as a contractor not getting back to me to tune up their bid (and when they did, the piece I wanted them to price out doubled in price – FIRED before they started work), starting a new part-time position, a car accident, and kidney stones, but whatever.

Monday the decrepit deck gets demo’d. Lumber arrives Tuesday for the rebuild. The toilet replacement, and a mirror reinstall happens on Thursday. I need to pick up the loo and door Monday after making a deck-dump-run! 😉 There are other bits and pieces to attend to, some of which I’m going to try and hire the tenant to do (he paints professionally, among other talents).

It feels really good to get this rolling both for my tenants’ sake (they are very patient), and for the overall upkeep of the house.

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