Weary & Call to Mom

This morning and early afternoon was spent corralling the last of the dead deck. It was 1000 pounds, which means I picked up 3000 pounds: Once to move it into the Gorilla Cart, then haul the cart as close as I could to the truck, then pick it up again, and place it in the truck bed, and then pick it up one more time, and toss it over the wall onto the floor of the transfer station. All of this on a breakfast of a banana and almond butter. Thai lunch with iced tea never tasted so good, as did simply sitting for an hour.

I treated my truck to a run through the car wash before returning to the house to wait for the handy man, who was running late. More gardening was accomplished. The tenants now have a new toilet, a (pretty sure) non-leaking shower, and the mirror in the second bathroom is re-adhered to the wall. The shower in question really needs to re-do. The grout is in bad shape, and the tile fix my dad did after broken, frozen pipes thawed, and water blew through the tile job all those years ago, is failing. He could hardly see at that point. 😢 The challenge is we have no idea what we’re going to find under the tile and shower pan… Spiders for sure, but how much dry rot? And lining up the contractor to do the finish work is tricky… Because we don’t know how long potential remediation work will take… One step at a time. Calgon, take me away.

I called mom this evening to ‘remind’ her I was picking her up tomorrow morning to take her to a doc appointment. She’s keen on the idea of going out to lunch for sushi afterwards. I shared details of the car accident, which had her giggling. She asked again who we were going to see in the morning and what time I’d be there. She seemed in good spirits.

1000 pounds of dead deck.

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