Mom’s Doctor’s Appointment

Timing despite traffic was perfect getting from our place, to picking up mom, and then arriving at her doctor’s.

Mom was in her apartment when I arrived (never a given on Friday at 10AM as a weekly lecture she enjoys begins at that time). She let me in, and asked about the weather. I assured her she wouldn’t need a jacket. As she turned to pick up her purse, and the sun splashed across her profile, I was astonished to see that she’s stopped tweezing the errant hairs around her upper lip and chin that encroach with menopause. She is sporting a thin mustache and moderate sprinkling of chin hairs that were not there 7-weeks ago. Something I’ll write to her docs about. It feels like a waning lack of self-perception re something that women (I speak from experience) are hyper-diligent about. She’s also let her hair grow out… Until recently she’d trim it herself, or go to the community salon for a haircut.

Once at the doctor’s mom wasn’t able to give specific answers to his questions. When asked if she had any concerns, she said, “No.” I reminded her that her knee was bothering her. She went into a dialog about how she sprained her ankle, and that upset her knee etc. When the Dr. O explained that X-rays revealed the problem was arthritis, she didn’t object, but the information didn’t stick either. She doesn’t recall that she’s had PT to help with the knee. I just emailed the Care Director for an update on the PT. I need to do a better job of tracking this stuff. While the care is good, the communication is not. For the money, one would expect an email now and again regarding things like mom’s PT house calls…

Mom was also vague about how she spends her time each day. Dr. O specifically asked if she was still doing art. Mom said she wasn’t because she didn’t like how the program presented the activity. I’ve emailed the Activity Director to get an idea of how engaged mom is, overall, with activities. Is she less engaged, or does she not remember participating?

Dr. O is a big fan of my nurse girlie, and asked if rumors of her engagement were true. We chatted about potential wedding dates, I showed pics of the proposal, and the ring on her elegant hand. He asked mom, “Are you happy for your Granddaughter?” Mom replied perfectly with, “Oh yes, I’m thrilled.” Dr. O asked me if I approved. I said we absolutely did, and added that her fiancé was the first beau she’d been with who was truly her intellectual match, and how important that was. For a sweet, brief moment in time, the three of us, me, mom and Dr. O were all on the same parent/grand parently-plane. I am thankful for this connection, not for me, but for my mom. Her doc can always reach her via their shared relationship with Daughter #2.

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