Today’s Wins

Yesterday started off stressfully as I learned that the mainland house’s neighbor popped off at my tenant in a serious way: Over the phone at midnight, with hysterical screaming and yelling. She is still convinced that the smell of his cabinet door finish product causes her great harm, five hours after he uses it. He adheres to her schedule, which she changes agreeing it’s OK to spray… It’s a no-win situation. Today he and I talked about him obtaining a license for his business activities. Without going into the in’s and out’s, it’s much easier for him to shift work locations rather than jump through the hoops, and spend the money he’d have to in order to get the city license. He made a very good point: Even if he got the license, passed all the permitting, and inspections, the neighbor would still flip out. That’s what she does. If he moves his business activities offsite, she will have to find another target to focus on. As someone said to me yesterday, “You gotta to learn to live with crazy, ’cause it ain’t goin’ nowhere.” Truer words were never spoken. I have legal verbiage my eldest wrote for me that I’ll mail to the tenant tomorrow morning. He know’s it’s on the way.

Our insurance company, after making me and the body shop guy do trapeze like contortions, for almost three weeks, has finally cut the last $2,222.00 so Mike can replace the bumper cover. He had to swear on three holy books, and send 18 more pictures, along with yet another explanation as to how the headlamp cleaner damage happened in THIS accident (which is why the pricy bumper cover had to be replaced), rather than during prior damage to to the bumper cover (the car is very low to the ground and is easy to run into low sidewalks when you park, hence backing into all parking spaces). Receiving the email from our insurance company, saying they had sent the money to the body shop, was perversely satisfying. I will be shopping our insurance around. They fucked with the wrong person (they were insulting, basically accusing me of attempted fraud), and not only will very likely lose a 37-year customer, but the legacy of four generations. My grandpa is turning in his grave! He made is fortune as an agent for the company. The most ridiculous part of this is that the other driver’s insurance company will reimburse our company for every single cent. Ah, but I digress. This was a win!

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