Fire Marshal

On Thursday I arrived at the mainland house at the same time as the fire marshal pulled into the driveway. He was coming to investigate complaints re the tenant’s business.

There has been an uptick in problems between the tenant and the neighbor. The tenant bent over backwards to accommodate the neighbor: Changed from a lacquer to water based finish, installed an air handler, sought her ok/permission prior to spraying, everything she demanded. On Thursday, she told the tenant it was just fine to spray, knowing the fire marshal was going to stop by. She was baiting the tenant.

Earlier last week my eldest helped me understand that, due to the escalating tensions between the tenant and the neighbor, I needed to, essentially, let my tenant know he needed to stop work at the house until he obtained a business license. She provided me with legal language to give the tenant. On Wednesday the tenant and I had a chat about the situation, and licensing. He told me he was done working at the house, and was not interested in acquiring a city license because, even if he was able to do so, the neighbor would still come after him. He’d rather put the money toward finding shop space. I told him about the letter I needed to give him. He completely understood.

The tenant, fire marshal (Jerry) and I pow-wowed in the driveway. There is an open case against my mom and late father, and the tenant… Due to the tenant’s instant compliance Jerry will close the case at his meeting on Tuesday (which I will find out if I can attend). Jerry was further almost giddy that I had the ‘cease & desist’ letter with me for the tenant. He looked at the two of us and asked, “So, you two have had this conversation? You’ve discussed this???” We said we had. Jerry asked if he could see the letter. I said it was up to the tenant, who handed it over. Long story-short, Jerry said this was a closed case, and probably an expunged one.

Meanwhile, I have asked mom’s insurance agent if she can procure an umbrella policy for mom, now that mom is in care, and off the road. I am more determined than ever to sell this house. After all, it’s what mom, when she remembers, wants to do.

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