More Mainland House Maintenance

I love my tenants. They are so independent: know how to change a light bulb, truly love living in the house, and are such kind and real people. However, when they message me with an issue, I know it needs taking care of NOW.

The latest is the kitchen faucet. The valve is, at 32-years of age, done. Evidently it’s been leaking for the 2-plus years they’ve been there! The leaking stepped over a boundary. I stopped in last week, and over a glass of wine we explored the problem. While Jay is a general contractor, he HATES plumbing, and won’t touch it in a rental. I don’t blame him for a second.

On top of the leak, I discovered the faucet is hooked up to the shutoff valves via copper. The challenge with this is if the copper pipe itself were to pop a leak (it happens), and the shutoff valves where stuck…. Suddenly the house is without water. I know of what I speak.

A week from tomorrow Mr Handyman will replace the faucet with one I picked up, complete with stainless steel no-burst hoses, and replace the 32-year old shutoff valves with new 90-degree turn shutoff valves. I know I will sleep better after this upgrade.

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