Weekend Island Trip

The trip to the Island was packed. It had three goals:

  • The property – The Island tenants reported that the propane fireplace was reluctant to fire. This didn’t surprise me at all, as the fireplace seems to hate me! I was able to get it to light right away, and left them a note with the settings I employed. I didn’t use its remote control, but rather got on my hands and knees and fiddled with the actual controls. Thank goodness for the heat pump… Meaning the fireplace isn’t the house’s only heat source. We also met with the gal who bought my father’s clay mixer a batch of years ago. She wanted to purchase dad’s rolling racks, used for storing ceramic pieces in various stages of completion. There were a smattering of other chores while we were there, and then we picked three large bags of apples! Butter and sauce is coming up!
  • We stayed with Tim. He and I have had an ongoing dialogue about sacrificing fish for years. Due to Island fish availability, I went fishing at Whole Foods, and landed a good sacrifice. The three of us had a lovely dinner Friday evening. Tim was in process of closing up his Island house for the season. He spends fall through late spring in the Bay Area. We had snippets of time with Tim in between our other commitments.
  • The band I was in in high school gathered for a 38-year reunion! We had two rehearsals with the five of us in the 28-hours before the show, and then took the Grange Hall by storm! It was wonderful! We had a great turn out. We’ve all been engaged in music at one level or another since our fledgling project all those years ago, and one of the guys teaches music in his local school district. I came away feeling, again, so very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Export’s 38- Year Reunion!

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