I spent January 1, 2017 to December 26, 2018 commuting back and forth to the Island in order to mitigate 20-years of deferred maintenance on mom’s property. This, so the property could be leased, and become an income source for her. It took approximately 20% of my time. Other than reimbursing myself for mileage, and ferry fees, I have paid myself (via my business) an average of $2200 a year for the thousands of hours I’ve spent working on the house myself, and managing other contractors. Depending on how you count the hours (time spent away from home, or time actually working) the hourly is $1.26 or $2.51 per hour. These hours do not include the time required to manage mom’s ongoing estate needs, finances, medical oversight, and interface with the community staff. That’s OK. I’m her kid; this is what ya do!

I’ve been working for Eldergrow for just over a month now, and received my first paycheck early last week. To have, what seems to me, such a sizable amount of money plunked into my checking account after one month of work, is almost weird. Yes, the work is far more involved than merely project managing the needs a house or two, and certainly I spent the first 4-weeks under a perforated cloud of anxiety, less I drop any of the 33-balls it takes to roll out a therapy garden, however, what an amazing thing to be compensated for your work!!!

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