Road Trip

Tomorrow morning I head to the east side of our state for two garden install events on Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday, the educator and I will visit a community she’s already teaching in, and one 30 minutes away that we want to get on the calendar for another garden rollout. On our drive over, I’ll get a feel for how comfortable the educator is about rolling out this third garden on her own. I will take the time I need on Wednesday’s rollout prep to bring this educator ‘on board’ re these events. It would be a wonderful thing if she felt confident enough to do the third event on her own. It’s up to me to train and support her in that effort.

I’m looking forward the trip. The moments in between the garden rollouts, and community intros, are filling up with recruiting interviews, a meet and greet with another candidate, that we don’t need currently, but we have to make the contact because she sounds so amazing, and then, due to our ability to work from anywhere, keeping up with the rest of my work load. It’s gonna be good!

The hard learned communication lessons while walking the path with my mama are paying off in spades in this job. The corollary is that the interactions I have with the residents I work with inform immensely the way I can better communicate with her. What a gift.

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