Home Again, Jiggity Jog

The trip east was a success. My educator is willing to roll out the third community in the region on her own. We had a solid meet and greet at that community, and then plant shopped our way back to the town our events took place in. On the, literal, west coast of the US, we have plant nurseries open year round. Drive east 5-hours, and that is not the case. Finding the plants for the educator’s roll out was a big win!

I left the east-side of the state at 1PM and arrived to a birthday dinner at 6:30 at a local restaurant. The rain, coming over our mountain pass, was seriously impressive. So much so, that the Subaru scolded me to slow down (75MPH) as I hit standing water on the road. I always stop every 2-hours when I drive, no matter what. I love road trips and know what it takes to keep me alert and safe.

The weekend has been spent decompressing from the trip, and ramping up for teaching two classes tomorrow, and rolling out two more gardens this week 135 miles apart!! It’s gonna be amazing!

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