Walker II

A member of the community’s care staff returned my call, and took responsibility for the communication failure. I don’t think it’s her personal responsibility, but rather the staff has been well trained to deescalate situations with both their residents, and their residents’ family’s!

The Health Services Director took leave for his wedding a few days after we last spoke. He wasn’t there to keep me in the loop, but evidently he didn’t delegate that task either.

The PT and I had a great conversation on Monday. He hid mom’s cane on the back of her closet shelf. He has mom using a ‘loaner’ walker, which he has adjusted for her height. It’s a classic aluminum frame walker without brakes. He doesn’t think mom, with her dementia, can handle the brakes. I agree. I will buy one from Amazon. He provides PT to lots of residents in the building, and so has had opportunity to ‘spy’ on mom while using the walker, and also ask staff how she’s doing. All observations and reports are very positive.

The PT wants me to get mom to an Ortho person to provide a steroid and then a lubricating injection into her knee. He has had good results with this therapy. I’ve put in the request to Dr. O.

Now that I’m back in the loop, and understand where it unraveled, I am no longer fist-cocked grumpy. Like I’ve said to my contractors, on all three houses, “I do not do surprises well.” Even if you don’t think I’ll like the message, telling me upfront is way better than letting me find out after the fact.” Communication is King.

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