“OK, I’m satisfied!”

On the 7th I did a double-Eldergrow garden rollout event about 1.5 hours north of us. It was a delight, with almost 30 residents attending. There was a lady who I had to coax into participating. She finally gave up her resistance, and let me wheel her up to the garden. She insisted I choose a plant for her. The Polka Dot plant. She also insisted I plant under her supervision. I liked her feisty personality.

As the event unfolded, she got in my face, asking what the hell we were doing, and wanted to know if she was wasting her time by being in attendance. I assured her that she had been a huge help to me, and pointed out the plant we collaborated on. She ‘harrumphed’ back down.

As the event wound down, she became more agitated, insisting again that she didn’t know why she was there, and was sure she had been wasting her time. Again, with the social worker bringing her right up to the garden, I showed her the Polka Dot plant, and thanked her for helping me planting. She looked at me sharply, and said, “I planted That??” I replied, “Yes, Ma’am, you did!! Thank you so much!!” She softened just a little, and retorted, “OK, I’m satisfied!!!”

Us non-residents had a wee chortle under our breath. It’s folks like this that help me take my mama in stride.Yes, mom isn’t as far down the path as this lady is, and yet, this gal’s demeanor is not dissimilar to my mom’s. That I can delight in my garden resident’s grumpiness let’s me know I can do the same with my mom!!

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