Childhood Home

I was indulging in a little Facebook catch-up this evening after a very long work day. A high school friend posted pictures of his childhood home. His friend were sharing and reminiscing about wonderful times spent with my friend and his family in his home. Then someone mentioned what the house was worth today. This sent me to Zillow.

My childhood home, 1100 square feet, 2-bedroom, (and now) 2-bath (likely in the basement), with what looks like the same roof it possessed when we moved out, has an estimated value of more than 10-times what my mother sold the house for in 1979 😳.

The picture of the front clearly shows double-hung windows have been replaced. The trim repainted, and likely upgrades to kitchen and bath(s). The house had lovely oak hardwood. My folks put a lot a effort, love and money into that house.

I don’t dare share this info with mom!! She’d be full of regret for ever having sold it. She has so much pride and amazing memories of 38 years of Island life, that to talk about the current value of the house we left when I was a teenager, despite the marvel she would express, isn’t worth it.

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