Another Fall

Yesterday evening as my DH, eldest daughter and I were chatting over dinner, mom’s community called. Mom had taken a fall, and the paramedics were on their way. The person who called couldn’t give me additional detail, as he was the messenger. This was frustrating, but understandable. He assured me I would receive a call after EMS assessed mom.

Thank goodness EMS didn’t think mom needed additional treatment, IE a trip to the ER.

She was found by the medication technician flat out on the floor, with her walker at her feet. She has a bump on the right side of her forehead at her hairline that doesn’t hurt or show any signs of bruising. Mom claims the bump has been there for years.

Care staff checked on her through the night. She was fine.

This morning my eldest and I popped down to visit mom, and scope out her couch situation. We assume, based on details from care staff, she fell trying to get up from her couch, whose seat is level is probably 15″ off the floor. Not ADA by any definition. Long story short, mom completely bought-in to raising the couch up with additional 4×4 framing. We’ll deploy that on Saturday.

Mom expressed mild exasperation over the reaction to her fall. I reminded her that she was found on the floor, unable to get up. She didn’t object (!), and even admitted that she was unable to get up off the floor. She also said she’s always know how to fall. “When you fall, you just roll with it. Don’t tense up, or you’ll hurt yourself…” This is not the first time I’ve heard this advise from her, and it could be why she got through this episode so smoothly.

The swelling staff mentioned in her wrists (and hands) is alarming, and not from getting used to using a walker. I’ll loop Dr.O into this concern tomorrow.

Her apartment, once again, smelled like the cat’s litter-box. After 30-minutes of chit-chat, I offered to clean the box for her. Uncharacteristically, she accepted! The ammonia oder was overwhelming as I cleaned the box. She’s doesn’t have the mobility to take care of that task any longer. I scooped the poop, refilled the box, opened stacked up subscription boxes from the pet supply store, and put cat food and litter away. I’m going to approach the biz office manager about cost to Just scoop the litter box, rather than the community fee for Pet Care, which mom doesn’t need, and would add ridiculous cost to her monthly fees. “Please, charge a healthy fee to spend 90 seconds to scoop Elvis’ box each day. Fucking $5 would be reasonable in my estimation.”

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