Jane’s 96th Birthday!

On November 17th, after my eldest and I returned from our quick visit with mom, we went to Jane’s community to set up a surprise party for her 96th birthday. My daughter preplanned details right down to decor, GF nibbles, and proper tea for a tea party for her grandma. Set up was enjoyable and somewhat meditative (I made the tissue paper peonies!). After others arrived, my kiddo went to her grandma’s room. She was Jane’s first surprise!

We did gifts, which included lots of chocolate (a sure fire way to Jane’s heart), a snuggly cat bedspread with matching pillow shams, and a small orchid, who no one else I know but Jane can grow. The bottom line is that Jane did amazingly well! I thought she’d have 30 minutes in her, maybe. She lasted 90ish minutes with good humor and form. I think she kinda steeped in her company. As we wrapped things up, she kept saying how she didn’t know how to thank us. I said, “You just did!” It was a win-win event for a lady who has seen almost a century of change.

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