Today was, very likely, my final garden kickoff for the year. 31 gardens in just over three months. In that time we/I hired nine educators for my program, I traveled to the far side and middle of our state, plus many miles and days of travel that saw me home each evening.

This week saw the submission of our first report to the state, as well as numbers for a grant extension (12 more gardens in seven additional communities). It was a lot of deliverables.

Upon returning home this afternoon, I discovered my alpha chicken dead in the corner of the enclosure. While trying to reach her, the other girls managed to get out. After giving her a quiet burial at the edge of our ravine, I tried to coax the other ladies back in, to no avail. Rather than herd the chicks solo, never a successful task, I replaced the bulb in their coop. When I was done, they had returned to their enclosure. I’d like to think they’d taken pity on me, but I know the extra scatter of meal worms are what did the trick.

Back in my office, I caught up on email, a few tasks, and realized I was very tired. After wrapping up the work day, I built a fire, cooked some quinoa, and took a nap. Tomorrow feels less daunting, almost normal.

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