Christmas was good and busy.

We started the day enjoyably in the kitchen prepping roast potatoes, making fresh horseradish, and a pecan pie to take to dinner. Late morning my nurse-kiddo and I met at Jane’s community to share Christmas greetings with her. We were pretty jazzed to find her out and about in the common areas! She was in a pretty good place, and enjoyed her presents. We timed our visit so lunch would be starting up as we left. It was a good transition for Jane. It’s an interesting place to find oneself in… That Not having your loved one to Christmas dinner is OK, and for the best. She had such a hard time last year. Going to her was the kindest way to enjoy some holiday time, and the easiest for her.

We left mid-afternoon to pick up mom, and my mom-in-law (MIL), who isn’t comfortable driving after dark any longer. Mom wasn’t in her apartment. My DH headed off to locate mom in the community, and I spent a moment cleaning the cat box (which is supposed to be being taken care of now), removing empty water bottles from the fridge, and adding superfluous paper to the recycle pile by the front door. Mom and my DH returned to the apartment. Mom decided which coat to wear after asking about the weather a few times ;->. We were slowly off!

My MIL was ready to go even though we were 30-minutes early! She has always been an amazing planner. In 25-minutes we were at our Nurse-Girl and her fiancé’s home.

Mom was repetitive about a few things: What are we doing in the next few, or 7 to 10 days. What were old college friends up to for the holidays, was she staying with us or returning to the community that evening… It’s interesting that her breadth of questions are narrowing, and our answers to her questions aren’t promoting further exchange on her part.

As I walked her back to her apartment, she looked at me and said, “That was a really nice evening.” That’s all that matters. 💜

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