Mom’s Chest X-ray

Lab Result:


Findings: There is severe aortic atherosclerosis. The heart size and mediastinum are within normal limits. There is lung parenchymal hyperinflation and hyperlucency in keeping with COPD/emphysema. There is no acute parenchymal infiltrate, pleural effusion, or pneumothorax seen. Multilevel DDD is seen in the middle and distal thoracic spine. The visualized bony structures are within normal limits.

1. No evidence for acute cardiopulmonary disease seen.
2. COPD/emphysema.

So, the bottom line on this is is that mom has chronic, rather than acute, heart disease, and emphysema. Also, she has degenerative disk disease (DDD), which last seen on a cat scan was called out as severe arthritis. Given that this is an x-ray, it could mean it’s still arthritis, or the arthritis has advanced to DDD.

Mom had a blood draw today. After its results are in in the next day or two, Dr. O will have recommendations.

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