A Call From PT

PT saw mom on Friday. The therapist said mom’s knee was buckling on her. The therapist’s goals are improved balance and stability. She will see mom twice a week for two weeks, and then once a week thereafter. Our non-linear conversation straightens up like this:

  • The therapist wants to see if her visits can help strengthen/stabilize mom’s knee before…
  • A brace is used for stabilization, and
  • Before she’s willing to approve a wheelchair.

While I want what the therapist wants more than anything in the world, this is mom’s third round of PT, and all that’s happened over the course of these valiant therapy efforts is that her knee has deteriorated. No one’s fault! It’s the sucky roll of the life dice. I very much appreciate the optimism the therapist has in her practice, yet the tint in my rose colored glasses faded to a harsh clarity some time ago. Meanwhile, I worry that falls will continue to happen in the absence of a brace, or the presence of a wheelchair.

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