Elvis Reminder

I called mom twice this evening to let her know I was picking Elvis up tomorrow afternoon for the vet appointment. She didn’t answer her phone. I have some thoughts as to why:

  • She might not have been in her apartment during the 7PM hour, though unlikely.
  • Maybe she was in bed reading because she’s lost track of how to use the TV (an evening entertainment), and/or wasn’t able to get to the phone. I’ll add a phone to her bedside if a jack is available).
  • While I made sure the new phone’s ringer is loud, perhaps she can’t hear it if she’s not right next to it (Ha, my hearing sucks, and I’m 28 years younger than she is!!).

I regret that picking up Elvis will be a surprise for mom, but even if I’d been able to tell her about it tonight, it would be brand new information tomorrow early evening 😥.

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