Another Fall

A note from the Health Services Director (HSD) of mom’s community this evening let me know mom stumbled in the dining room, caught herself on her chair, and landed on her knees. I cannot imagine how painful that must have been. The HSD said he let the kitchen and care staff know that mom is to Always be escorted as she moves about the community. There’s a piece of me that tenses about this. The cost will be impressive, but the service necessary. On the other hand, there is no oversight suggested while she’s in her apartment. Her risk of falling in her own space is lessened only because the space is smaller, the walls closer, the distance less to travel, and perhaps more familiar, and therefore stable somehow.

I am saddened even more, that my prediction that extracting Elvis from mom’s environment wouldn’t reduce her fall potential, is proving out within the space of 24-hours.

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