January 20th Fall

I’m going to start dating mom’s falls as they’re happening so regularly that saying, “Another Fall” is becoming sadly repetetive.

Wanda called to let me know that mom, during dinner, got up to use the restroom, and somehow got her walker tangled up in the door and went down. She landed on her bottom. When Wanda asked mom if she’d hit her head, mom answer she had, and then said she didn’t know. Wanda said there was no visible bruising. Mom ‘lost her bladder’ with this fall. A first. When Wanda gently pointed this out to mom, in the same breath she was encouraging mom to come with her to change her clothes, mom responded, “No, that’s just water.” Wanda said, “Oh, even so, lets get you into some dry pants.” Mom agreed.

Wanda told me mom was shaken. I asked her whether she meant shaken from the fall, or if her tremor was in evidence. She thought it was the tremor, and then offered that the tremor might be contributing to mom’s falls. This is something I hadn’t considered. I thanked her for her input. Each person who interacts with my mother has their unique perspective regarding mom’s wellness, and I appreciate each view point.

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