Other Mother’s

I have experienced great joy in being a mom to bonus children over the years. Dear friends of my children with whom I had a special bond. A few adult bonus-kids still call me mom, swelling my heart with pride and honor. I turn and look at the strong, influential, and loving women in my life I was lucky enough to have similar relationships with. The mark these relationships left on my life has been life-long. Some people are gone now, and others aren’t in constant contact, but all are important and I think of them often.

Tuesday morning I found out one of these amazing people, indeed the woman who took my mom to the hospital when she went into labor with me, has glioblastoma, a fatal brain cancer. I had no idea she was ill. Another in our greater tribe told me as a matter of conversation in an email, and I am still picking my jaw up off the floor and wiping my eyes. I hear she’s doing well emotionally and practically, and has hit a plateau of sorts. She’s hanging in there. There was a ‘living wake’ for her. Our mutual friend said it was lovely. I would have dropped my world and hijacked a plane in order to attend, had I only known. 😥

Circumstances the last, oh, 7 or 15 years has not been conducive to staying in touch with people, even the really important ones, the way I used to. It’s just the way it’s been. I’m going to reach out to family about making a call to say, “I love you, and I’m a better person for your influence in my life.”

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