Mom’s community’s HSD called me late this afternoon to ‘update’ me on my mom. She was discovered to have had an episode of urine incontinence in the living room, by staff, as she headed toward the dining room. She was stopped, and the HSD came to talk to her. Her response to having pointed out to her that she had wet herself was, “No one will notice when I sit down in the dining room.” She didn’t deny the accident had happened.

The HSD had to use all of his verbal ‘head-strong old-lady’ skills to keep mom from advancing into the dining room with wet pants. A care-staff member was deployed to get mom’s requested replacement-pants and undies, and then helped her get cleaned up, and changed in the restroom near the dining room.

I’ve just written to the HSD asking if it’s time to lay in a supply of Depends. And if this happens again, perhaps, remove mom’s undies from her drawer, and replace them with Depends. Something tells me she would just roll with it.

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