Culvert Update

The Amazing Neighbor called me this morning after taking a look at my very own flood. There is very good news. A spring has sprung up through the east driveway and has eroded two to three inches of one side of the ruts (from use) in the drive. This is happening about 100′ from the actual subdivision road, which is unscathed (thank God). The culvert is running free and clear. It must be one hell of a spring to cause our other neighbors to be so alarmed.

The property, the Island, is so waterlogged, that underground pressure is causing springs to, well, spring up in places they’ve never been seen before. The south driveway needs a little love as well. The Amazing Neighbor will take care of both drives tomorrow with his track hoe. I don’t know how a track hoe will divert a spring, but I know the Amazing Neighbor can.

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