Under Where?

As I’ve shared, frequent updates from mom’s community have been incoming over the last couple of months. The last 10-days have been no exception.

Cheryle, one of the nurses, wrote in response to my query about why mom’s underwear hadn’t been replaced with Depends briefs. She didn’t actually answer the question (a fast way to lose favor with me), and then continued to tell me that mom was starting to come around to accepting help with dressing in the morning. PARDON!?! None of our collective conversations have anything to do with mom needing help getting her clothes on. The collective conversation was about gaining mom’s consensus wearing the briefs. I had to wait 36-hours before replying less I respond in ‘pissed in the moment mode.’

My reply was very directed and repetitive in order to get my point across: I do not want incontinence to be a gateway to other services that my mother doesn’t necessarily need, yet. And let us all communicate WAY better.

Cheryle and I talked on my way home from a presentation this afternoon. She finally uttered the magic words that helped me understand: If we don’t offer your mama some assistance in the morning, she will wear the same clothes over and over again. No one has share this with me until 5-hours ago.

Cheryle and I are meeting tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. I have a batch of new pants for mom. We’re going to go through mom’s dressers and remove items she’s not using or are worn out. Less is less confusing.

Mom will be at the music hour when I arrive, and then off to dinner. We’ll have an hour and a half to edit, and discuss strategies for mom’s accelerating care needs. I’ll also exit the next batch of Elvis items, maybe the last of them.

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