Mom’s community has been robustly communicating during the last week regarding its prophylactic measures to keep its residents safe. They, like so many skilled nursing and assisted living communities, have closed their doors to outside vendors (activities/entertainment). They have taken a further step, and are no longer allowing family or friends to visit. They are facilitating video and phone contact with loved ones for residents. I am 1000% supportive of this increased level of safety.

I am not overly concerned that I would introduce illness into mom’s community. I am medically savvy, and self-aware. I worry about everyone else. I do not assume that everyone else who has contact with the community knows to stay away for at least two weeks after they, merely, spent three days amongst thousand of people (as I did last weekend).

The community asked family to reschedule non-urgent medical appointments for residents to avoid taking residents outside of the community. Mom’s dental appointment has been moved from this coming Tuesday to early July.

I’ll start mailing mom’s periodicals to her again, and include a note, and maybe some chocolate!

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