Chat with Mom

I called mom last night and had a lovely chat with her. She sounded good, content even. This while all residents in her community are confined to their rooms as an additional measure to keep COVID-19 from racing through the community, should it get in the front door. Activities staff are working with the residents, one-on-one, with enrichment activities throughout the day.

Mom asked about the us and the kids. She told me they delivered the wrong dinner to her, but wasn’t upset about it. She asked for cod and got ‘indifferent’ roast beef. I suspect the cod would have been indifferent too 😉! I asked her about her new knee brace. She said it slides down her leg, and so isn’t doing much for her. I’ll call my contact at the company that made it for her. Mom asked for my phone number. This confirms that this piece of info has slipped from her database. She’s said she’s enjoying rereading The Count of Monte Cristo, and didn’t seem to twig to the fact it was St. Patrick’s Day. She always enjoyed the meal. We used to call each other and ask, “Doesn’t the house smell great??” A 1000 miles away from each other. Our family humor!

I asked her if she needed anything, and when she couldn’t think of anything, I suggested chocolate. “Yes!” I asked if she’d like milk or dark. Again, “Yes!” I’ll send her an infusion tomorrow.

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