Cat Integration

Elvis and Sumi are having their social challenges. It turns out that Elvis is the Alpha Cat. We are kinda stunned by this given how shy he is. That is, obviously, with humans…

Elvis doesn’t ‘meow.’ He chirps, and trills. He has a certain trill when he’s bossing Sumi into a corner, or keeping Sumi from leaving or entering a room. We are working on this.

This morning Sumi sprayed a closet door, in our presence. A territorial act we can’t really blame him for. However, my DH swooped him up to place him out on the upper deck. This set off our alarm. I can only hope in his cat brain it went something like this: “I’m pissed, I pissed, got caught, got tossed, and this terrifying noised happened!! Holy Crow!! I won’t spray the closet door again!! 😾

Sumi spent the the next while, probably, in the next county. He asked to come in around 2PM. My DH dosed both cats with kibble in their opposite corners, hoping for harmony. This evening they enjoyed the red-dot generator together, while we played a game of pool. I also re-upped the feliway pheromone dispensers on each floor of the house. The afternoon and evening have gone better than the morning did. If there was the equivalent of cat pot, I’d be all in.

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