Mom’s Birthday

Yesterday was my mama’s 85th birthday. We, of course, weren’t able to visit in person. Her community worked with me to set up a virtual gathering, which was full of glitches. Mom and I ended up having a nice visit over FaceTime, while my DH talked with the others that were able to gather, across two online platforms. It wasn’t what I’d hoped for, yet was good. We had that much. AFter mom and I were done catching up, I joined the others, on my laptop. I am so thankful for this technology, even when it’s imperfect. It was really good to see everyone, share, and laugh.

The activities team had an opera singer in their quiver! Singing to mom was an amazing treat with that sort of lead! Mom seemed pretty good, and bemused. She couldn’t understand that her banana split was melty because our get-together was delayed due to tech issues… Her in-the-moment state of mind focuses on melted ice cream… She asked the usual questions, wanting to know how ‘everyone’ is. She rarely asks about specific people anymore, my mother and father-in-law being the exception. She’s known them since the 1950’s. My father-in-law passed 4.5-years ago. We don’t correct mom when she asks about him. Why have her live that sadness again?

I really enjoyed the time we had yesterday. I also miss being able to spend time in person. The importance of gifts in your life take on greater significance when they’re unavailable to you. I am thankful, in this instance, for mom’s in-the-moment mind-set. She likely doesn’t miss us. Her community’s team is doing an amazing job of keeping residents engaged and occupied. They visit each resident 6-times each day. Mom, in her in-the-moment mind-set, is likely, happily, revisiting crosswords, and enjoying PBS. She is engaged. She is safe. 💜

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