Thankful Mom is in Care, Reason #78,396

While going through my morning routine a thought sideswiped me: What if mom was living independently now, during this crisis, or the crisis had happened when she was still living independently? She would never have understood social distancing, self-isolating, or leaving home only for essential reasons. She would have been perpetually perplexed, angry with her friends and neighbors for refusing to spend time with, or helping her, and completely unable to understand why her favorite coffee shop and book seller were closed for weeks on end. The phone calls would have been many.

Now, with anti-anxiety meds on board, she’s able to roll with six visits a day from staff. She has a baseline understanding that there’s a virus running around causing her, and her fellow residents’ isolation. I don’t think she knows it’s a pandemic situation. That’s OK. So, given all the parameters, all of them, I’m more thankful than ever that mom is in care, especially now.

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