Easter Eggs

I dyed Easter Eggs yesterday late-afternoon, just like my mama taught me!

  • Prepare dye according to package directions (I’ve always used Paas Easter Egg Dye kits).
  • Add a few drops of vegetable oil to each dye.
  • Starting with the lighter colors, used a tiny whisk to break up the oil into small droplets, and quickly add a hard boiled egg.
  • Let the egg sit in the dye for at least 5-minutes.
  • Remove egg/s from dye bath (they will have spots of white where the oil acted as a resist to the dye), let drain on paper towels for few minutes, and then gently dry with a fresh paper towel.
  • Repeat the dye process with your dyed egg in a darker dye color, making sure to whisk the oil before placing the egg into the dye bath!

Have fun with color combos. You, literally, never know what you’ll end up with!

2020 Easter Eggs, ala my Mama!

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