We have a new, or very seldom used, verb: Hunkering. It’s easier for some folks than others. My DH and I are pretty good at Hunkering. We enjoy each other’s company, have very similar goals during this time, and have enough space to give each other room during the work day. We’re not squished into the same space all day. While my sewing studio and his office share the big addition on the house, the hum of my Bernina does not distract him from his work, and I slow the machine speed down (quieter) when he’s on frequent conference calls. I have an additional house to buzz around in, plus the great outdoors.

I am reading posts from friends on Facebook who are having a more difficult time isolating that I am, than we are. My heart goes out to them. I want to offer All The Advice, but while we are friends (some of whom I’ve known for 40+ years), we do not handle extreme situations the same way. It’s only now that we have a truly extreme situation which offers folks the opportunity to understand how they react/handle said extreme situation!

I’m a control freak. While I cannot control what’s going on in the greater world as it pertains to COVID-19, or really anything 🙄, I can control my environment. Dust lines up with true North, the bed is made, things are where they belong, and the walkways throughout the garden are micro-weeded. This is how I keep myself feeling upright during these uncertain times. I also have a broad science background, and zero illusions about how soon it’ll be before we can loosen ‘social-isolating.’ My practical mind is helpful right now. I am thankful for my logical and linear brain, even if it means I’m slow to pick up on my husband’s jokes 😂.

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