Island House – It’s Always Something!

Two weeks ago my tenants wrote to say there were ants, and the toilet was leaking at the junction of the tank and the supply line, making it run constantly. They had to turn off the valve (thank heavens it would turn off!) in order to stop the water running. When one is on a well, one thinks about such things!

I called the pest folks who ran some super duper bait stations out to the house. My tenants had been working with their unintended housemates for a while by the time they let me know about the ants. It turned out the ants succumbed to the over-the-counter bait stations the tenants bought. The super duper ones are on the shelf in case the ants try to move back in ;->.

The toilet fix was far more worrying in my mind. Plumbers are few, and very busy on the Island, even during these times (everyone is home exercising their plumbing all day…). So, of course, I called the heating company. I happen to be on ins with them. They have a plumber on staff! Long story short, we decided to replace the, likely, 1959 toilet with a brand new one. This includes a stainless steel no-burst supply hose, AND a new 90 degree shut off valve! Be still my heart! Sounds like buying a car, yes? As a remote landlord, this is GOLD. One less thing this sweet house can toss at me.

All is well after this latest round from the Island house.

New Loo!

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