Heading Back to Work Part-Time

My employer is pretty remarkable, for many reasons, but also that she has studied and researched our state’s unemployment programs, extensively. She also went after, and received the SBA payroll loan. So me, my boss, and our office exec are able to return to work part-time!!

There’s a small chance I’ll be approved by the state to start work under this innovative program next week. If not, then the week after for sure. I’ll be doing customer service, rather than my grant program, as we can’t yet provide services in our communities due to the COVID-19 crisis. My new work will include garden coaching for our communities, and up-selling value added products that support the gardens. Our company has a new product that’s available to the general public as well as our communities. I’ll learn more about this product next week, and how best to offer it to current clients, and possibly market it publicly. There will be lots of other tasks as well. I’m excited to work with my team again!

The crazy thing about this unemployment program is it’s like getting a 19% raise… My current unemployment benefit including the weekly $600 uplift grosses about 14% less than my usual full-time salary. It nets out about the same… This feels really weird. No complaints, but weird. Now working 20 hours a week, half of my unemployment benefit, and the $600 a week uplift, I’ll gross 19% more than my annual salary. Also weird. No complaints. It won’t last forever no matter what happens, and I’m grateful. Tossing the excess in the savings account.

Posting again one of my mama’s fav quotes: “Old Chinese curse, May you live in interesting times.” Here we are.

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