Sit Down V2

I saw my chiropractor today and told her my miserable story of the debilitating pain I experienced this last week. She had me assume the position and told me I had a rib out of position as she put things to right. Oh… What caused that Doc? “PRESSURE WASHING!!!! For Hours At A Time!!! Take it easy, Chicka!!”

I promised to leave the rest of the pressure washing to my DH.

Years ago I had a rib ‘out’ in my sternum. It’s kinda worse than labor pain in that it didn’t’ fucking end, for weeks and weeks. Standing up, sitting down, moving my arms (all household tasks), breathing (BREATHING), sleeping, all very challenging. I only recalled this after my appt yesterday. It might be the same rib that’s reluctant to stay in place on my spine that was eager to pop out of my sternum… I’ll consult with my doc next week to find out.

At 57 my robust inner teenager is causing me a certain amount of physical challenge. Gotta work on her and me!

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