Mom is being newly assessed for bathing, toileting and dressing. All warranted. I pushed back on the existing ‘escorting’ points given that all residents have been isolated in their apartments since mid-March. Very, very long story short, I’ve agreed to a 30 point care-credit from 3/15 to 6/30, assuming things open up by then. I will spare you, dear reader, from the back and forth between me and the GM on this subject. I walk a delicate tight rope… I know (fact) that if family is a pain in the ass, fees go up. I am also a vendor in the community. I have a good relationship with the GM and want to maintain my relationship with him.

My daughter reminded me this morning of my mother’s saying, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be free?” Lots of caveats here. I chose to commiserate with the GM, via my (work) conversations with AL communities across the west, thank him for his care and consideration, and accept the discount without pressing further. I am tired after, really, 7.25 years of 13784% responsibly for my mother’s care. I am not going to fight for another 5 points, not now.

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