Mom passed just after noon today. For those who first hear this here, rather than from me personally, I’m so very sorry.

She spent her last 17-hours in comfort, and tended by incredible hospital staff. We were also treated with incredible dignity and grace.

I wrote mom a note and placed it her hand before we left. Her face, at 85, was completely smooth, and her cheekbones an envy of any model.

My parents prepaid their cremation with the Neptune Society about 36 years ago. After my dad passed, my husband and I did the same thing. When my dad passed, I was so thankfull that all I had to do was call a number on a card in his wallet. Today, the charge nurse made contact with the Neptune Society. I had to sign one document in three places, and we were able to head home. A blessing

More soon. 🙍🏻‍♀️

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