Today was spent communicating with people. And taking a nap. I reached out to those that needed to hear first hand that mom had passed, rather than hear from someone who heard from someone else. You’re probably thinking, “Why the fuck does that matter??” Well, in the greater scheme of things, you’re right it doesn’t, BUT it gives me a sense of control right now: Gotta let the three primary Island neighbors know, the two tenants (many others came before, of course), and then I can post a FaceBook announcement. It’s such a broad net to cast… So many people who will want to know, yet I wouldn’t have called them… My childhood friend’s (amazing) former wife, the tribe I spent my childhood summers with who remember my mom as formidable yet approachable, kind, so many folks on the Island where she lived for 38-years. I talked to cousins from mom’s side of the family (one of whom I haven’t seen since I was 3! He called me), one of my half-sisters, and a dear friend of my mama’s.

Napping was hard as my brain wouldn’t stop making lists, and posing questions. I read a quilting magazine for a while, and then was able to sleep for a couple of hours. Elvis both hung out with me, and then woke me up at 5PM. The cat’s ‘tea time.’ We give them a wee bit of kibble at 5 in order to have a sane backgammon game or two before feeding them at 6. I swear that cat can tell time.

Being a control freak I needed to take a step towards handling details today. I turned off mom’s newspaper delivery, and forwarded her subscription to the The Funny Times to Tim. We already get a copy, and so should you.

Mom’s 84th Birthday

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