Taking Care of Business

I found today a tad frustrating due to long hold times, websites not responding well, and dropped calls. I started in on tasks one does after their parent passes. The wins were:

  • Finding out the the Neptune Society will inform Medicare and her prescription insurance plan about her passing. Two fewer call, and way less hold time.
  • Easily informing her supplemental medical insurance company, via the organization that coordinates retirement benefits for the university she worked for. I also found out that I’ll be able to use the remainder of her 2020 ‘FSA’ dollars to pay for medical expenses, even though she’s left us.
  • Letting her vision insurance carrier know, and finding out there’ll be a premium refund.
  • Having a video call with the GM of mom’s community. We went through the apartment, and I was able to let him know what was his… The best part (depending on how you look at things) is that they are going to, despite the current state of affairs, let me pack up the apartment. I’ll do this on Friday. The weather is supposed to be good, so I’ll take the truck and load out as much as I can on Friday, and we’ll pick the rest up over the weekend. This will consolidate mom’s belongings into four physical addresses, and eight buildings…

I’ll do an hour or two of actual work tomorrow, and help my daughter vacate her things from mom’s storage unit so I have room to move mom’s apartment items in. There are a few pieces that will come back to the house. I’ll go through her clothes at the house too. Most will be donated to a women’s shelter. I’ll keep a few of her faves that fit, mainly oversized-colorful sweaters.

It doesn’t feel like a lot when I consider my usual MO. At the end of the day, which included having a heat pump installed in our studio, it’s really about what I was up to doing, and that’s OK. I’ll chip away at things tomorrow.

Mom at one our local university museums, hamming it up with a Dino!

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