Dealing With Details Help…

Another dozen details were attended to today, including helping my daughter move a few things out of mom’s storage, she had tucked away, so I can use the space for things I’ll bring from mom’s apartment on Friday, and over the weekend.

I find focusing on details to be very helpful… It gives me a sense of control. Being a control freak, well, this is a good thing.

I brought my mom’s jewelry boxes/case out today. It’s a delight to go through everything. So much bring back memories. Mom doesn’t have a traditional jewelry box, but rather lots of lovely containers with beautiful pieces in them. My goal this afternoon was to gather earrings. Sigh, they were everywhere. I made inroads to matching pairs, but some will have to wait until I bring back the rest from her AL community, and then there’s no guarantee that I’ll find matches. I did find the match to my silver bracelet! Photo included!

Wearing mine and mom’s matching bracelets. 💜

My truck is stuffed with everything I need to pack up mom’s apartment. There’s a small stack of little boxes and packing scraps I’ll add to the mix Friday morning. I’ll be using my dad’s USA blankets to protect the furniture. Seems apt.

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